Blue Rodeo Lyrics

Blue Rodeo Lyrics

From the Album Small Miracles (2007) (buy at
Small Miracles
So Far Away
This Town
Blue House
3 Hours Away
It Makes Me Wonder
Summer Girls
Mystic River
Black Ribbon
Small Miracles
Where I was Before

From the Album Are You Ready (2005) (buy at
Are You Ready
Can't Help Wondering Why
Are You Ready
Stuck On You
Up On That Cloud
I Will
Phaedra's Meadow
Runaway Train
Beverley Street
Finger Lakes
Tired Of Pretending
Don't Get Angry

From the Album Palace of Gold (2003) (buy at
Palace of Gold
Palace of Gold
Holding On
Homeward Bound Angel
Walk Like You Don't Mind
Love Never Lies
Stage Door
Cause For Sympathy
What A Surprise
Clearer View
Glad To Be Alive
Find A Way To Say Goodbye
Tell Me Baby

From the Album Casino (1995) (buy at

5 A.M. (A Love Song)
After The Rain
Last Laugh
Till I Am Myself Again
Trust Yourself
Two Tongues
What Am I Doing Here?
You're Everywhere

Other Songs:
5 Days In May
Already Gone
Bad Timing
Better off As We Are
Blew It Again
Cinema Song
Dark Angel
English Bay
Everybody Cries
Falling Down Blue
Girl in Green
Hasn't Hit Me Yet
Head over Heels
I Try
Know Where You Go
Lost Together
Rain on Me
Rose Coloured Glasses
Sad Nights
Save Myself
Side of the Road
Tell Me Your Dream
Til I Gain Control Again
What Is This Love
What You Want

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