Bobby G. Cargill - Heaven's Door Lyrics

Bobby G. Cargill Lyrics

Heaven's Door Lyrics
People, people won’t you listen to the message loud and clear.
There’s a better place called Heaven, a better place than we have here.
You can hear the angels singing.
You can hear them call your name.

I know you love your sweet salvation.
Can you feel my Father’s pain?
Then you’ll fly, fly away.
Fly away, ever more.

People, people won’t you listen to these words I have to say.
Soon there’ll be the Day of Judgment.
Get down upon your knees and pray.
You know our Father loves His children.

You know He loves us all the most, when you get down
on your knees and pray to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Then you’ll fly away.
Fly away, evermore.

Fly, fly away.
Fly away, evermore, to Heaven’s door.

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