Bobby G. Cargill - Our Legacy Lyrics

Bobby G. Cargill Lyrics

Our Legacy Lyrics
Disappointment, disappointment.
Just means tomorrow’s gonna be a brighter day.
Worry? Why should I worry?
There’s just some things in life I can’t change.

But, I got you, and you got me.

You’re there in the morning when I wake up.
You’re there to catch me when I fall.
I wouldn’t want to live without your true love.
‘Cause nothing else matters, much at all.

Touch me, yes, you touch me.
Those old feelings you know I can’t explain.
Kiss me, yes, you kiss me.
My passion rises, and my heart turns to flames.

I have you, and you got me

I wouldn’t want to live without your true love
You swept me off my feet, right from the start.
Life wouldn’t be the same without you girl,
‘cause in your hands you’re holding my heart.

Marry, I want to marry you.
Every night hold your body next to me.
Children, let’s have children…
So we can carry on our own legacy.

And I got you, and you got me.
I got you, and you got… me.

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