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Shadows Of The Heartland Lyrics
Sittin’ in the shade made by a hay truck on a hot day,
Cloud o’ dust on an old dirt road, lemonade was on the way
She was beautiful, and her daddy said I made a good hand
We laid there on the ground as the sun went down
Shadows of the heartland

I helped her daddy fix up his old beat up red ford pickup
Had her shinin’ like a diamond, he said climb behind the wheel son
She was beautiful, he said take her slow as he placed the keys in my hand
And dancin’ in the headlights that night
Shadows of the heartland

Heaven can’t be far away from the fields of gold where I was raised
Where the sun shines bright but the light comes from the word
Well you know you reap the seeds you sow
You count your blessings row by row
The sweat and blood and tears and love still work
The life I live, the love I give, the man I am
Shadows of the heartland

Friday night lights shining bright, last game of the season
We were just one play away from being undefeated
The pass was beautiful, but somehow that ball slipped right through my hands
She was there to hold me close when it turned cold
Shadows of the heartland


Amazing grace and a place to plow
That’s what her dad was all about
Wish he was with us now


Shadows of the heartland

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