Bobby Pinson - Time Well Spent Lyrics

Bobby Pinson Lyrics

Time Well Spent Lyrics
That ‘73 Monte Carlo had a carload
Of ?? and innocence
Half a pack of daddy’s cigarettes
And a cassette of Jimmy Hendrix
Parked beside the railroad tracks
Kick back and wonder what life would be like
If we were president
Let another day fade away
Wasted, time well spent

A million miles of dirt road dust
Learn and love, love and lust
Tasted life as it came to us
On a dead end road that had no end
Wishin’ we could make time fly
Not knowing it was flying by
While we were making plans that didn’t make sense
Wasted time, wasted time, wasted time well spent

She matched my tuxedo to a tee
in those pictures on my floor

As I stared at me
I could finally see
What she said when she said she couldn’t see me any more
I‘ll never forget the night we parked that prom night
Right on the side of the road we’d never been
Let another day fade away, wasted, time well spent


Bittersweet what might have been
Comes to mind every now and then
Makes me wanna go back again
Wasted time, wasted time, wasted time well spent

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