Bobby Pinson - Way Down Lyrics

Bobby Pinson Lyrics

Way Down Lyrics
Way down at the bottom of the river
Is a locket with a picture of me
She drowned what I thought was forever
She locked up our love and lost the key
A friend of mine heard from a friend of hers
She was working on last name number three
There was a time I’d a relished those words
But I’m not where I used to be

Way down, weighted down at the bottom
I almost drowned in a shadow dream
Light shine down, life was waitin’ at the top
When I let go of the past that wsa draggin’ me

Way down, an Oklahoma highway
There’s a café where they remember me
I broke down by a payphone in the hallway
Put my fist through drywall sheet
I hit a wall tryin’ to find some kinda way
To find some peace
They read it all when I dug a grave
For all the pain that was pullin’ me

Way down

Way down
Way down
Way down
Way down
Way down
Way down

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