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Bossman Dlow Lyrics

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From the Album Mr Beat The Road (2024) (buy at
Mr Beat The Road

From the Album Mr. Pot Scraper (2024) (buy at
Mr. Pot Scraper
Mr. Pot Scraper

From the Album Get In With Me (2024) (buy at
Get In With Me
Get In With Me
Piss Me Off

Bossman Dlow Info:

Born into the vibrant energy of Northeast Baltimore, Travis’s early experiences with rap group N.E.K. laid the foundation for his solo career.

Bossman released his debut album, “Law and Order,” in 2004, followed by mixtapes with DJ Kayslay.

Transitioning from Virgin Records to Sony Urban Music, he secured a major deal and evolved his style. The release of “The Re-Up” in 2010 marked a significant chapter, reflecting his journey from local acclaim to mainstream success.

His ability to do different styles is clear in the many singles and mixtapes he’s made. This shows his journey from being recognized locally to becoming well-known in the big world of hip-hop.

Birth name:
Travis Holifield

August 31, 1998 (age )

Baltimore, Maryland

Rap, Hip Hop


Years active:

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