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From the Album Underrated (2012) (buy at
Cuff Yo Chick
Dirty Girl
Put That On My Hood
We Going Hard
Boy Or Girl
Why They Hatin

From the Album Im Better Than You (2011) (buy at
Im Better Than You
What My Future Holds
They Aint Got Shit On Me
Mary Jane
On Some Other Shit
I Love Pussy
2 Young 2 Give A F*ck

From the Album Greenlight 4 (2011) (buy at
Greenlight 4
You Drinking Too Much
I Got Em Let Em Know
Ima Stunt (feat. Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled & 2 Chainz)
How Many Girls Wanna
Lets Get Closer
Boy Or Girl
Come Smoke With Me Pt. 4
Sell My Soul
Set It Off
Welcome Home
Ain't Thinking' Bout You

From the Album G3 (2010) (buy at
Why They Hating
I'm Goin Outta My Mind
Thought U Was The One
Pretty Lady
My Way
Still Ballin'
How I Feel
Down Ass Chick

From the Album G2 (2010) (buy at
I Do Dis
Boyfriend For The Night
Every Other
Come Smoke With Me Pt. 2
Come Over

From the Album 1/2 Man 1/2 Dog II, Part Two (2009) (buy at
1/2 Man 1/2 Dog II, Part Two
Kiss My Ass

From the Album Greenlight (2009) (buy at
I'm Dat Nigga
This My House
You Know I'm Nasty
I'm Goin In
Long Bread

From the Album New Jack City, Pt. II (2009) (buy at

Get That Paper
What They Call Me (Big Time)
Roc The Mic
Been Doin' This
You Can Get It All
Like This
She's My
I Ain't Playing
Pole In My Basement
Shake It
Marco Polo
Big Girls
Anything You Can Do
Big Bank Take Lil Bank

From the Album Half Man Half Dog (2008) (buy at
Half Man Half Dog
Big Bank
Swamp Nigga Freestyle
Get Money Niggas
Money In The Way
By Your Side Freestyle
Ima Stunt

From the Album Face Off (2007) (buy at

Face Off
Hood Star
Hey Baby (Jump Off)
He Ain't Gotta Know
Bachelor Pad
Can't Get Tired Of Me
Number Ones
Baby Girl
Take Off Your Clothes
Another Girl
Girlfriend (Remix)
I'm Tryna (Remix)
Let Me Hold You
Designated Driver
Lights, Camera, Action
Eligible Bachelors

From the Album The Price Of Fame (2006) (buy at

Price Of Fame
4 Corners
Outta My System
How You Move It
Shortie Like Mine
Don't Know About That
Tell Me
Damn Thing
Bet That
On Fiya
Give It To You
I'm A Flirt

From the Album Wanted (2005) (buy at

Do You
Big Dreams
Let Me Hold You
Fresh Azimiz
Like U
Do What It Do
Is That You
Mo Money

From the Album Unleashed (2003) (buy at

Get It Poppin'
Let's Get Down
Follow Me
My Baby
The Don, The Dutch
The Movement
I Can't Lose
Hey Little Momma
I Got Ya'll
I'll Move On
To My Mama
I'm Back

Other Songs:
6'7 Freestyle
All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle
Can I Be Your Man
Crooked Freestyle
Cuff Yo Chick
Dirty Girl
Do It To The Fullest
Father's Day
Fresh Azimiz (Remix)
Get It In
Girl Of My Dreams
Hardball (From "Hardball" Soundtrack)
I'm Da Man
I'm Going Crazy
Jumpin Out The Window Freestyle
Knock It Off
Leather So Soft Freestyle
Lets Get It On
Make Up Sex
Martians Vs. Goblins (Freestyle)
Midnight Magic
My 64 Freestyle
Nightmares Of The Bottom (Freestyle)
Ohio Go Stoopid
Put That On My Hood
Regret Pt. 2
Roger That Freestyle
Set It Off (Remix)
She Got It Goin
She Wanna F*ck
She's In Love With My Money
Talking About
Texting Me
That Clean Pussy
Tyra Banks (Dedication)
Umma Do Me Freestyle
Wetter Freestyle
White Girl
Who F*ckin Wit Me
Why They Hatin
Yeah Yeah
You Know Im Nasty Freestyle
You Trippin

Lil' Bow Wow

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