Brett James - She's Killin' Me Lyrics

Brett James Lyrics

She's Killin' Me Lyrics
Lyin' in a cold cold sweat, white noise on the
TV set
How'd I let her get the best of me
I keep spendin' all my time, tryin' to get her off
my mind
I can't seem to shake her memory
I've never met a woman I couldn't love and leave
I ncxver saw her comin' til she cast her spell on me

I can't seem to catch my breath
My heart's poundin' through my chest
It's like I feel the hand of death takin' hold of me
If this is love then give me hate
I need a rest I need a break, I can't eat and I can't sleep
Lord have mercy she's killin' me

Shakin' uncontrollably, takin' crumbs she
throws at me
Drawn just like a moth into a flame
Burin' with a ragin' fire churnin' with
a strange desire
Caught up in her wild and wicked game
She's all I've ever wanted
She's got me beggin' please
Just like a house I'm haunted
She's brought me to my knees


Lord have mercy she's killin' me

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