Brian Davis - County Line Crossers Lyrics

Brian Davis Lyrics

County Line Crossers Lyrics
Verse 1
She got a tan, but not the kind you get from the beach
Cut-offs storm through a cornfield on a hot summer South day
She's her daddy's baby and mine too
And I got the keys to a ripped-up black GTO
Parked out front of that mobile home

And it's all about God and girls
And guitars, fast cars, oh yeah
Red, White, and Blue Freedom man
Well, ain't it brave to stay and say I'm from a small town
Hell yeah, you're gonna miss out
You County Line Crossers

Verse 2
Yeah, I think it's cool sitting on a Sunday with grandpa
Listenin' to stories I've heard a hundred times or more
Talk about roots, take a look at them worn out boots
And those lines on his face like a highway going back in time, back in time


Drink a little iced tea on the front porch swing
Listen to that AM radio, just think of grandpa, little swig of Jack
Sittin' here with a view for miles and miles
I gotta say I got it figured out
And it ain't about getting out


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