Brian Davis - Gasoline On A Goodbye Lyrics

Brian Davis Lyrics

Gasoline On A Goodbye Lyrics
I hold on to you loosely
Cause I know how you are baby
If you feel that forever kinda something
That gypsy girl inside of you starts running

And you’re like a goodbye train gone
I’m left lovesick as a country song
You burn me up like a ring of fire every time
Girl your leavin’s like gasoline on a goodbye

You love to live a little reckless
And too much of the same makes you restless
You always keep one foot out the door
Girl I don’t’ know why that makes me want you more

You’re like a getaway Pontiac
Turn you loose on a highway and you don’t look back
Ain’t nothin’ but tail lights and dust in the dark
That missin’ you hits me like a hammer to the heart

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