Brooks & Dunn - Temptation #9 Lyrics

Brooks & Dunn Lyrics

Temptation #9 Lyrics
Yeah I've been hurt and I've been blue
And I've been thinkin' 'bout the changes love has put me through
I've told myself it's got to end
I've had enough and I ain't goin' back again
I've watched 'em come
I've watched 'em go
Six, seven, eight and I can still say no
And then tonight you came along
Only a fool would wanna be that strong

Temptation #9
Make a man wanna cross that line
Face to face with a chance like this
There's only so much that a man can resist

I walked alone, I played it safe
Tryin' not to count the times I walked away
'Cause when you love and love goes wrong
A broken heart just seems too much to gamble on
I first saw you, I had to think
Oh another pretty woman just what I don't need
But when I look into your eyes
Hey I see somethin' makes me wanna roll the dice


Ooh you got it shakin'
Ooh there's no mistakin'
You're the next trip that I'll be takin'


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