Bruce Robison - Days Go By Lyrics

Bruce Robison Lyrics

Days Go By Lyrics
Some days I just wanna cry
Oooo, but the days gone by
On the corner of Fifth Stree and Vine
Oooo, with a bottle of wine
The lights turn to red and I hustle for my bread
Walking down between the cars with my sign
And most of them ignore me
But sometimes I can score me a find

Took a wife back in 1974
Oooo, I never felt so sure
On that day for her love I would die
Oooo, but the days go by

We moved in together
Some days were better
But I got this little problem with my mind
Then we lost a baby
And I spent all my time getting high

Chicago was cold and last spring
Ooooh, went upon that rain

Groundhound bus stop on I-95
They're gonna let me stay the night
And I'll move on with the morning light
Oooo, watch the days go by

Some dreams still want me
Some memories still haunt me
And Angels will hide in the night
The taillights are fading
But her face is there waiting in my mind

Some days you find love if you try
Oooo, but the days go by
Oooo, but the days go by

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