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Whatever She Wants Lyrics

Whatever She Wants Info:

• "Whatever She Wants" is a song by American singer Bryson Tiller. Originally from his Slum Tiller mixtape series on SoundCloud, it was released to streaming services on February 13, 2024 after gaining popularity.

• Produced by TylianMTB, it contains a sample of "Intro" by Orion Sun.

•In an interview with Complex, Bryson Tiller stated in regard to the song: "This direction of this song and video was inspired by late nights at strip clubs in Miami. I was never a fan of strip clubs but after getting to know a few dancers I really wanted to create something that they could either get ready to, or dance to. This song is actually the complete opposite of the music you will find on my next album. It's from my new mixtape series: Slum Tiller, where Detroit music is the primary inspiration."

• It received overwhelmingly positive reception from fans, amassing six million streams, prompting it to receive a finalized version and official release.

From the Album:
Single by Bryson Tiller

February 13, 2024

R&B, Rap


Bryson Tiller, Tylian Francois, Tiffany Majette


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