Buckner Richard - Invitation Lyrics

Buckner Richard Lyrics

Invitation Lyrics
Come on
I’d love to talk to you out side
In the open air, some where
To take it, too, and watch it go
Any where, in here
You never know
And I don’t mean to chase you down

I need the dance to slow, closing up
And going out, passing
As the words to come, slipping
As the nights will do, burning
As the clouded sun letting nothing through

You see, the walls are gone some times
There’s no other way
Is looking down, still moving on?
I’d think you’d know what to say
Are you warming in the dark?
See the times above us move

How close is just too far, setting off
In to

“I will”, though
I’ve been thrown before

I guess
Put the bones to use!

I’m hoping that you’d find my door
O, come on
I’d love to talk to you

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