Bucky Covington - Back When We Were Gods Lyrics

Bucky Covington Lyrics

Back When We Were Gods Lyrics
Yeah me Jim and Dan we were all best friends
Riding off like cowboys on a road that never ends
We knew it was our last time for the time of our lives....

See Dan was getting married
Jim was going to desert storm
I was heading off to college
Moving into a dorm
So we took off in that old hot rod
Back when we were gods.

You couldn't tell us nothing
We didn't already know
And if the sign said off limits
You could bet we would go
A hundred miles an hour nonstop
Back when we were gods.

There were Arizona troopers
Trailing close behind
We knew they couldn't touch us
Once we crossed the state line
So we pulled over and showed them a Tennessee moon
From the California side.

L.A. was a nightmare, Vegas was a dream
Dan had won more money than we had ever seen
Didn't take us one day to blow the whole lot
Yeah back when we were gods.


We thought we were invincible
Couldn't nothing bring us down
But it didn't take long
For the real world to knock us flat on the ground
And I hope we were forgiven for all the crazy things we did
After all we were just kids


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