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Angel In The Sky Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
They say it's always darkest before the dawn and that you don't know what you had until it's gone I thought I knew what I had but I was wrong and that's why I gots to write this song now come on now come on say man I thought it would of been a long time for us and many more years on the grind for us I thought the future held a lot for us both and it was brighter we were super tight but finna be super tighter I guess I just assumed we had more time for us to make more music and write more rhymes but never in my life could I ever have seen that I would ever have to lose the other half of my team (for real) and take away the glitter the gold and the gleam say man I wonder to myself what does it all really mean nothing without the people you love say man I miss my brother but I know he's looking down from above and that's an angel

[Verse 2:]
It all began on Shreveport Ave sittin off in the den making beats and puttin paper to pen we was determined to win and you couldn't tell us different Mama West was cool with it but Monroe kept trippin it seems just like yesterday sometimes sittin in ya bedroom writing dumb rhymes man you makin beats on the insonic and we was smokin dirt weed cause it wasn't no chronic I sitll remember when we started the crew it was me Mitchell Queen Jamal Jackson and you started out as 4BM but then we ended with two that's when we introduced the world to the U to the G tot the K Underground Kings DJ Byrd Pimp C and Bun B we kept it G say word who woulda known back in 92 in 2008 I'd have to write this song sayin I miss you but it's true

[Verse 3:]
Just for the record let me go ahead and say I love my brother Pimp C and man I miss him everyday yeah my heart still hurts and the pain still fresh but I'm a put God first to keep that pressure off my chest and remind me that I'm blessed to have had him as a friend a ride or die homie that was with me til the end real talk man we was closer than kin and I know that I'll never have a partner like that again so Chad Butler I just want you to know I keep ya memory close I'm never lettin it go and they gon always remember that you was here mayne cause I'm a make'em remember that's why I'm here mayne yeah it's still hard and I still cry but you and God keep me strong so I'm a still try reppin this UGK now won't I cause through your music you live forever so Trill don't die

There's an angel in the sky watching over me [x2]

[Ending Chorus:]
I know your watching over me last night I saw you in my dream at the crossroads I'll see you there my friend my brother til the end can't wait to see you again save a place in heaven for me there's an angel in the sky watching over me
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