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Damn I'm Cold Lyrics
[Lil Wayne:]
See when I got mercedes money, I went and got a mercedes
When I got that bentley money, I went and got a bentley
Now if you ain't help me make it
Don't tell me how to spend it
And yes I know the rules never marry robin givens
Mozzerella over bitches, so we call them
Bitches cheese heads lambeau leap in that pussy
Like I'm from green bay
Lambo sweet look like sugar on the freeway
And I'm ridin diry kuz I'm so UGK
1 2 3 way 4 4 makes 8
9 times outta 10 it's 11 or a 12 gauge
Friday the 13th that's the day that hell raise
But ya'll boys 2 week like 14 days
I'm so clean why wouldn't I be I be with ben frank
So much he startin look like me I'm smoke my wee
Kuz I don't wanna smoke yours
And I pour 4 everytime I pour like,
Was you sayin some bitch you ain't
Talkin bout pussy you ain't talkin bout shit
I woke up this morining eyes half closed I look
Into the mirror and say damn I'm cold

Damn I'm cold and my ho
Pimp shit nigga keep payin my hoes
Damn I'm cold man I'm throwed I say
Damn I'm cold hot damn I'm cold

[Bun B:]
See when I got that slab money, I put the
Rivie on blades whe I got that lac money
I candied the escalade got that screw in my deck
A house or 2 on my neck
A couple cars on my wrist and a bitch I'm 2 wreck
We bout to do this 4 pimp C so pass me a bottle
I'm bout to pop the top on it like a slab or a model
Turn it upside down and pour it out for my lil bro
And pass me another one so I can pour outta lil mo
Fresher than ozium
Cleaner than wax floors I'm slick as lenolium
Swingin my lack doors them franklins you foldin em
We tryna stack does
So 4 you play the role you need to learn how to act hoes
Swangers who clang 4's and timid trucks who bang
Haters get back and hoes that flip with nuts who hang
It ain't a thang it never was and never will
I put that on my life bun beater foreva trill for real
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