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Bun-B Lyrics

Git In Lyrics
[Intro: Big Capp]
Big Capp... pussy! (youkno'Imean?)
Tryna get in where you fit in, huh? (Pimp C!)
Well ain't no room over here! (UGK!)
Young Money Moe!
II Trill West! (West!)
II Trill, II Trill!
II Trill, II Trill... West!

[Bun B:]
Man, goddamn I hate a buster!
Talkin' about he shinin but his shit is lackluster. (lackluster!)
No karats in his chain, no cluster!
Nigga you a burger, try to catch up to the mustard! (mustard!)
Lame ass! Who responsible for makin' you?
Phonier than a motherf*cker, I can see the fake in you.
I can see the Jake in you; you look like a teller (like a teller!)
I ought to shoot ya dog ass, like Old Yeller. (like Old Yeller!)
Fly fella? Hell nah! More like half man;
Half nothin else, it's so sad, I can't laugh man. (man!)
Or even smirk! (smirk!) - Nigga you's a jerk! (jerk!)
You gonna make me have to put in work and go berserk! ('serk!)
Wanna-be-me ass, nigga get off the testes! ('tes!)
The greatest like Gretzky, don't test me (me!)
With flyin' colors, I'll pass your pop quiz
I'm sick, plop-plop, fizz-fizz, you know the biz! (biz!)

[Chorus: Bun B]
We been f*ckin' bitches! (bitches!) - We been stackin' riches! (riches!)
We been duckin' snitches! (snitches!) - Get in pussy, niggaaaa!
We been gettin' dough! (dough!) - we been bunch of hoes (hoes!)
With G's and they know (know!) - get in pussy niggaaaaa!
We been sittin' clean! (clean!) - We been gettin green! (green!)
We been on the scene! (scene!) - Get in pussy niggaaaa!
We been gettin' paper! (paper!) - We been shakin' haters! (haters!)
We gon' see ya later! (later!) - Get in pussy nig-gaaaa!

[Bun B:]
Man, goddamn I hate a lame! (lame!)
Green as a garden, talkin' 'bout he in the game. (game!)
Say he got them grams (grams!) - barely got them grains (grains!)
Lyin on your work and it's a motherf*ckin' shame. (shame!)
Worst than a dame, always peekin' in your doors (doors!)
Short stop and stains. (stains) - Tryna f*ck your hoes! (hoes!)
Trickin' on the cool, nigga payin' for the freaky (freaky!)
It ain't like I care but why your ass bein sneaky? (sneaky!)
To each his own partner; move along, partner!
I don't need a nigga like you in my zone, partner.
Give me fifty feet (feet!) - or maybe fifty yards (yards!)
F*ck your fifty town! -? is fraud. (fraud!)
Say you got them yams and you sittin on some yay! (yay!)
Asked him for a ten piece, he hit me with a trey! (trey!)
Got me f*cked up, partner; who you tryna play? (play!)
Keep your dirty dope, your shit ain't butter anyway. - O-kay?


[Young Money Moe:]
You better get in where you fit in
All these pussy-ass niggaz jumpin back on my dick again!
Been ridin' clean! - Pull up in the newest Benz! (ch'eah!)
And I never lose. - Bitch I was born to win! (I was born to win!)
Man, all these niggaz Powderpuffs
Talkin' tough - all them drugs got 'em gassed up (gassed up!)
And it's "D.O.A." - if Big Capp come! (CAPP COME!)
We'll put your body Underground, you could ask Bun. (ASK BUN!)
I'm the last of a dyin' breed
Thirty karats in the piece got your girl eyein' me. (mommy!)
It's II Trill West, we a dynasty
'Cause I am - what you're tryina be!
F*ck where you're comin' from! - Save your apologies! (save 'em!)
WestSide, a rider got a Makaveli prophecy! (WestSiiiide!)
I'm one of the best that they ever seen
Young Money Moe! - I'm a motherf*ckin' prodigy! (prodigy!)


[Outro: Big Capp {Bun B}]
You niggaz heard it...
We been gettin' paper... and shakin' haters! (the boys!)
Bun B!
Trill Entertainment! {Get in pussy niggaaaa!} (yeah!)
II Trill West!
Big Capp!
Young Money Moe!
Pimp C... (get 'em B!) Rest In Peace!
We love you brother!
We miss you bro'! {Get in pussy niggaaaa!}
Straight up!
Pus-syyyy! [beat fades out]
I smell pu-ssyyyy!
You smell it? [sniff] {Get in pussy niggaaaa!}
Pussy-ass niggaz!
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