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Good II Me Lyrics
[Bun B:]
Baby girl lookin good, feel real thick
Real pretty, real fly, she a real chick
Lookin for a real player to adore ya
But look no further, I'm the player for ya
Sittin big on the 20-somethin inch thangs
Leanin on the leather, grippin grain with them big rangs
Big piece, big chain with the big ice
You wanna roll? You ain't gotta ask the kid twice
Push a button, the do's open up for ya
I save the shotgun seat up in the trunk for ya
Stitch and tuck, so you know that I'm a boss
With the red candy paint lookin like spaghetti sauce
You wanna floss with a G, keep it real
It ain't no need in you lyin, to the king of the Trill
You either won't or you will
Just keep it one hundred with a player baby tell me how you feel

[Chorus One: Mya]
People always talkin' bout - they be sayin they be sayin they be sayin
Your reputation - how you got a lot of hoooooes, but I don't really give a
I don't care what you did to them~! Just be good to me (be good to me)
Just be good to me (just be good to me) just be GOOD!

[Bun B:]
You want me to be good, then I'm a be the best
And I'm a give you top shelf baby nuttin less
Front do' to the, front row
Whatever, you need just let, Bun know (Bun know)
First class flights, penthouse suites
You want sushi? We go to Japan to eat
You want pasta? We fly to Milan
That's how it is in the life of a don
We eat filet mignon in Pa-ris
That's how it is when you rollin with a G
Your man want it but he ain't thar rich
Trust me baby I can scratch that itch
Never call you a bitch when you act like a lady
You carry yourself like a woman and we gravy
Ain't no maybe, I know I can
Put the whole wide world in the palm of your hand baby

[Chorus 2: Mya]
People always tellin me - they be sayin they be sayin they be
That you're a player
I don't care 'bout them other girls~! Just be good to me (be good to me)
Just be good to me (just be good to me) just be GOOD!

I said, I'll hold you down when you need me
I'm gonna be, I'm gon' always be around
I'll give you all my love
If you treat me right baby, ooooooooooh

[Bun B:]
Girl anything you wishin I can make it come true
Have you lookin like a million dollars when you come through
With'cha Louboutin shoes, or Jimmy Chu's
Giuseppe, Zanetti or whatever you wanna do (you wanna do)
Louis V, Dior, Prada or Gucci (Gucci)
Richard Roy, Chanel, or maybe Coogi (Coogi)
Dolce & Gabbana or Valentino's (Tino's)
Ferragamo, Mark Jacobs, Malandrino's (Drino's)
Maybe Fendi or Yves St. Laurent
Versace, KLS, or whatever that you want
It ain't a thang to buy you some Vera Wang
You gotta look like a Queen for you to be with the Kang
The fancy cars with the butterfly do's
Big mansion with the marble on the flo's
The world is yo's but here's the key
When I'm bein good to you, be good II me

[Chorus 1 + Chorus 2: with ad libs]

In the morning
In the evening baby
If you treat me good I'm a gonna keep on comin to ya
La la la la la lahhh
La la la la la lahhh
You're all that I know, just be good to me
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