Bun-B - I Git Down 4 Mine Lyrics

Bun-B Lyrics

I Git Down 4 Mine Lyrics
[Crowd chants "Bun B! " for first 10 seconds]

[Verse 1: Bun B]
I do this shit for Pimp C bitch (bitch), so what the f*ck is up? (up)
Step roll niggaz still take your f*ckin nuts (nuts)
UGK "4 Life" nigga (nigga), none shife nigga (nigga)
And you can get it by the pistol or the knife nigga (nigga)
No more days bitch, I ain't got the time
I got bitches on my dick (dick) and money on my mind (mind)
The South is on my back (back), I told it like Atlas
And you can never pack this (why?), you ain't had the practice
Crack shit, street talk, hood life, thug shit
All that and then some, started this drug shit
Cookies - we cooked that, highway - we did that
Paper - we stacked that, bodies - we hid that
Rich wrapped and packed up and stamped with the logo (with the logo)
Now we got it hoppin just like a pogo, poppin like the popo (damn)
Word to my D.C. niggaz on Go-go
Ask 'em, they know bro (fo sho)

[Chorus: Bun B]
'Cause you know what it is (is), you ain't got to ask (ask)
We gettin down to biz (biz), nigga do the math (math)
Somebody check the clock (clock) and tell 'em what the's time (time)
'Cause I'm a trill nigga (bitch), I get down for mine (mine)
I get down for mine (mine), I get down for mine (mine)
'Cause I'm a trill nigga (bitch), I get down for mine (mine)
I get down for mine (mine), I get down for mine (mine)
'Cause I'm a trill nigga (bitch), I get down for mine

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Primetime player (player), first class flyer (flyer)
High life liver, luxury good buyer
I'm a modern day pariah ('riah), tell it like Richard Pryor (Pryor)
And won't stop rockin 'til I retire ('tire)
So call me 'siah, the Underground King (King)
I'm known to let 'em hang to the floor, it ain't a thing (thing)
The first one to swing (swing), the first one to bang (bang)
These pussy niggaz sweet, I think they sippin on the Tang (Tang)
Dang, that's when "keepin it real goes wrong" (wrong)
Singin the same old song, take off your thong (thong)
Say you wanna get like me, then try harder (try harder)
It's more than just some gangsta Nikes and a Starter (and a Starter)
You got a father? I know he ain't proud (proud)
He probably wished he would of pulled out, no doubt (no doubt)
You've been a bitch since birth, no lie (lie)
And you gon' be a bitch on the day that you die (that you die)


[Break: Bun B]
I get down for mine (for mine)
I get down for mine (for mine)
I get down for mine (for mine)
I get down for mine (mine)

[Verse 3: Bun B]
You motherf*ckers ain't ready for the return of original trillness (naw)
Imitated, never duplicated on some real shit (shit)
I pull your card, then I pull the steel (steel)
And then I pop it, now tell me how them bullets feel (feel)
Kneel (kneel), bitches say I got that whip appeal ('peal)
When they see me ridin on candy, grippin wheel (wheel)
Oh (oh), not goin for bad, bitch I'm goin for broke (broke)
And you already know it's fire when you see the smoke (smoke)
You already know it's fire even before we spoke (spoke)
And you know you gonna see the gun fire when he loc (loc)
And like a beast spoke, splash on 'em and smash on 'em
Then fire up the swishy sweet and leave the ash on 'em
'Cause Bun B is a winner, put your cash on 'em
Or cash out, 'cause I'm layin his ass out (out)
Soon as I pass up (up), that's when they pass out
Nigga I'm the first goin in and I'm the last out (out)

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