Bun-B - I Love College Freestyle Lyrics

Bun-B Lyrics

I Love College Freestyle Lyrics
[Talkin: Bun B]
UGK For Life
Bun B Is In The Building
Getting That Texas Trill Spit Up Caligic Style
Ya No What It Is Baby

Bun B The Main PA's Trillist
Grew Up Around The Corner From Lamar UV
I No That Ya Feel This
On The Mic I'm Nice Go Ask Them Boys At Rice
Do Bun Bda Go Hard On That TSU Yard Yeah
Reppin For H-Town A.K.A. Houston
From Stephen F. Austin On Down To Sam Houston
It's Nothing New Son I Been In The Game So
Go Put In More Hours For U Step To Me With Lame Flow
The Trill Is In The Air So Gone N Inhale G
Before I Turn This Happy Home Comin Into Hell Week
Put You On The Line Homie Bark Like A Puppy
Or You Can Go To CC Or Be A Yale Yuppy
It's Grown Man Business Don't Be Actin All Fagget
With That Type Of Attitude You'll Never Be An Aggie
I Bench Press The Beat Make The Song Strong
For All My Panthers Up In PP N For My UT Longhorns Come On
Man I Love Texas
We Don't Hold No Plex
N You Can Come Down Here N Check Us If You Want To
Goin Down In That Lone Star
See Them Boys That Be On Boy
You Can Mess With Them Homeboys If You Want To
So Gone N Pop You A Millus
Let Me No If You Feel Us
From The King Of The Trillist
N The Song Fool
Baby Girl Got Knowledge
That's Why I Luv College
All Day I'm Bout It On The 1-2
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