Bun-B - I Made It Freestyle Lyrics

Bun-B Lyrics

I Made It Freestyle Lyrics
I ain't gotta say who it is you already know who
No beat I can't wreck no rapper I can't blow through
Breathing life back into hip hop I got the O2
I told you how you gonna beef with me nigga you done fool
I'm a drama bull[? ] you go against me it's comical
No tellin the kind of shit that I'm a pull
I pull a move pull a card pull a stain
Shoot da 5 cut ya buck fifty let a bullet bang
It ain't a thing nigga kinda like a unit
I do this with my eyes wide shut like I'm Kubrick
I can break it all the way down to the cubic
They gon swear that I was digging at em like a tooth pick
Go stupid, flunk the IQ test
I got a new gun better yet a new vest
The shit I'm shooting ain't selling in the US
Wondering if I'm pointing that motherf*cker at you, yes
So quit acting like a motherf*cking dust my friend
Bun B I'm back at it once again
Got tungsten skin titanium teeth
I'm on fire right now uranium heat
Trust me you don't want to see me G
And no G from NYC to CPT
Tryna f*ck with me you must be on PCP
Avatar flow your shit is straight to DVD
Nigga you [? ] sitting home on the sofa
Cry in your Budweiser bitch and watch you some Oprah
You need a new religion try Deepak Chopra
You still gon be a bitch for life there's no hope bra,
This shit is over Martini shot,
You niggas bitches on the beat you bikini [? ]
I'm gone with it, niggas best to get there beanies out
Ghost like DeNiro, you see me than see me not
On the block with my glock and them Dickies on
Tryna make that work stretch like a fifty song
You pussy niggas better not get me wrong
Bring the blitz and have a bitch and get my blitzkreig on
Hard to find like the Al Qeada's,
Even harder to understand like Al Davis
I'm old school with the new paint
Trill OG nigga, everything that you ain't
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