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Bun-B Lyrics

Obama 08' Lyrics
[Obama's speech:]
John McCain stands alone in his stuburn refusal to end the misguided war (Unexpected)
That's not the judgement we need, that won't keep America safe
We need a president who can face the plex of the future
Not keep grasping at the ideas of the past
(people cheering)

[Verse: Bun B]
The place is here the time is now
Election 08' and the day is slowly winding down
Fourth of November is the day, Barack Obama is the way
Think it's a game?
You wanna play not me it's too serious in Texas, G
This is history in the making that we blessed to see
A new day in direction of the people
For way to long America has been separate and not equal
We don't need a sequel of four more years
America is crying we don't need no more tears
We need real ideas about the future
Not Wal-Mart is won't hesitate, the streets shoot'cha
Health care, energy crisis, the economy
Community outreach, a new form of policy
Republicans you had ya chance but'cha blew it
It's time to turn Texas blue, I thought'cha knew it

[Obama's speech:]
The main party that brought you two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney will ask this country...
For affirm
(Crowd chanting)
And we are here, we are here because we love this country too much
So let the next four years look just like the last state
(Crowd cheering)

[Verse: Chamillionaire]
When that call coming three in the morning I probably won't be in bed
Obama ain't the one that answer I probably goin be upset
War and fear in ya head with hope that I'll make ya scared
Supporting the wars for you till they come in and take ya kids
Government in the sky and you try'na reach for ya prayers
Leading the elevator they try'na get you the stairs
Trying me in economy try'na get me some bread
They putting Palin on TV and promise me pretty legs
Looking the Fox News try'na show some restrength
Every answer that I heard from Sarah Palin was lame
Tell her Whitehouse we on that porch nothing left to explain
I hope that Joe the Plumber got a empty room for McCain
Vote Obama Mayne

[Obama's speech:]
... That in America their son could achieve whatever he puts his mind to...
Cause that promise that's always set this country apart
The true hard work and sacrifice
Each of us could pursuit our individual dreams but still come together as one American family
Then sure that the next generation can pursuit their dreams as well

[Verse: Paul Wall]
Paul Wall
It's time for a change
Two many bad chefs in the kitchen
Try'na sell us these war tickets but I ain't try'na listen
Too many politicians but now we need a leader
That can take us our recession end up hope our freedom
I got boys in Iraq and gone for years and months
That got two-year-old kids and ain't never seen them once
Hey, I got hope so no more jokes
On November fourth Barack Obama get my vote
Them boys at the capital been playing games for too long
It's time clean house so tell them boys to get gone
We got the power to make a change in our hands
So catch the stallied and go vote take a stand

[Obama's speech:]
These challenges are not all of government's fake
But the failure to respond is a direct result of a broken politics in Washington
And the fail policy's of the tourist of the above

[Verse: Cory Mo]
Cory Mo
Surviving is the only option that we have
So if you don't get off your ass, you goin wish that you had
It's more than just gas prices
We living in a national crisis
To see Obama win would be priceless (huh)
So vote Democratic and watch the game change
Or you can pick McCain if ya wanted to stay the same
We all a part of history don't take it for granted
Just take it one day at a time and keep both feet planted

[Verse: Trae]
I woke up seeing a blood feeling like coke out of my franchise greeter
Barack Obama that it's time for a change
Only it's the last? 'fore my life go down the drain
I know a class can give it up and victory go to McCain
The economy very pleated in the state of recession
But we goin fight who we fighting for us we hear to bring the pressure
It's a message to the wise you need to try before it's late
And realize the bath we use to make the one we gotta take
Wake up!
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