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Bun-B Lyrics

Ridin' Slow Lyrics
I'm ridin' slow
I'm in the...
Waiting up the air
I'm ridin' slow
Sitting on leather
With my shit together
I'm ridin' slow
I; m doin' dirty
While I'm ridin' dirty
I'm ridin' slow
Seen no book
So I don't give a f*ck
So bitch what's up?
Bun-B all I can see
When I'm rolling through the hood
Bun-B all I can see
Bun-B I bet theysee her
Now I'm living good

I'm ridin' slow

Come down as a candidate
Hit them switch let them hang
Hit me a... may be a leak
Found in the ground may be a brick
Burn that purpose side to the...
Burn ass bitch is side to the court
Z to the A B to the A
I'll to the I'll...
I'm a dirty south representer
Summer time braze to the fall to the winter
OG in the game no beginner
Don't take a... with the winner
Lobsters on my plate for dinner
Bitches with the midnight snack
Bring them all for the... inner
Against the wood in the hood


I'm ridin slow
I slow from when I'm smoking pow
If you ain't smoking...
What the f*ck you're smoking for?
Well my deposit... it's about to give the world a show
You know the trunk don't glow you know... don't show
You know the... gotta show how we like the bow
My trunk knocking... watching like I'm on a stage
The 4-15 sounds like lions busting up a cage
I'm getting paid... living grade
No more grades know I'm rising on my type of faith
I got a made with a ache and I gotta spray
When I park...


Man there is a road to the city
... so pretty
Wheel so shiny... so new
When I hit your hood
What you're gonna do
Fall back... might come down like...
But I guess you already know this
The fridge... the coldest
Hard to miss easy to notice
Watch me show this
It's easy as...
Bad ass boy
Easy on the eye
I'm so clean
She's so fly
We're gonna play
That's no lie
When we come to

Sitting on top of the world
So really don't need nobody to... my high
... this boys... like they don't give a f*ck

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