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The Best Is Back Lyrics
Goddamn! (goddamn!)
Guess who's back in the mothaf*ckin' house? (mothaf*ckin' house!)
The "King Of The Trill", bitch; you guessed it!
"UGK 4 Life", hoe! (4 Life, hoe!)
You already know how we gettin' down this time around. (time around!)
We representin' for the Po' town... (Po' town!)
And the mothaf*ckin' best is back!
Hold up!

[Verse 1:]
Ladies and Gentlemen! - You already know that it's him again
Lettin 'em hang. - Non-feminine!
Crunk like I'm gone off Ritalin.
Chopped off top, there's no middle and - throwed on that load again (throwed on it!)
With no Vodka, show shocker, mo' rocker
In the slab. (in the slab!) - "Bend It Like Beckham", no soccer (no soccer!)
And no doctor can diagnose, the symptom when I approach
My victim - from the back and tie the rope. (rope!)
And throw 'em over the ledge - like Blanket.
Throw a thrower over your head - all over your dead!
Go 'head quote 'em, he said: "It was bound to happen, " (happen!)
"When you f*ck around with the clowns and down for clappin'! " (clappin'!)
Get strapped, ready to pop rounds up out the Magnum. (Magnum!)
When they hop out and jack 'em. (jack 'em!) - Call the coroner to come out and wrap 'em!
Put him under the tree - so every one of ya can see
That ain't no f*ckin' with the Bun-to-the-B! - Niggaz.

"Guess who's back? Me! " [scratches]
"There's no competition. Huh? 'Tion... " [scratches]
"Aww, sh-shit! Hold up! "
"Guess who's back? [scratches] Shut 'em down! "
"Hurt-hurtin' boys" "It's over, it's over! "
"Cause the best is back, bitch" [scratches] [x2]

[Verse 2:]
It's Bun Beeder mayne, ridin with the heater, mayne.
Niggaz know that I'm the hardest out since the PETA, mayne. (mayne!)
Hot doggin'; yeah, smoke dog comin' out foggy,
Lettin' off at your toes. - Hi froggy! (hi!)
My third leg loggy and your bitch is a lumberjack
You'd of killed that hoe if you knew what I'd done to that. (to that!)
She chopped my tree down, often if I slumber jack
Beggin' me to call but shit I don't know where her number at. (at all!)
And on the cool, I ain't lookin' for it either though
Or the bitch before her, no I ain't lookin for neither, hoe. (naawww!)
It ain't like I really need her though!
Once she drop to her knees and let me skeet it out. - Nigga she can go! (go!)
Lead her out like a blind man walkin'
Like Sandman dancin', it's over, stop talkin'!
I'm sparkin' mo' dodo. (dodo!) - Blazin' mo' kush up. (kush up!)
Comin' mo' harder than a no hand push-up. (push-up!)


[Verse 3:]
Let's pass the peas like we used to say
And put it down like we used to play!
Let's make the news today and leave some cement in they shoes today,
Say what we choose to say and lay down who we choose to lay!
And we leave 'em laid (laid!) - while we leavin' paid (paid)
Fair and square nigga, sound like an even trade. (trade!)
Triple cross and we leave 'em sprayed (sprayed!)
Spayed and neutered. - No matter how much you pray to the shooter's face. (face!)
'Cause there's no emotion! ('motion!) - And there's no elation. ('lation!)
Then he realizes the reaper of the show he facin'. (facin'!)
Secret words like a "Holy Mason" (Mason!)
Was all he heard before I took his head off (head off!) - and I blew his face in. (face in!)
Who ya chasin'? Ain't no catchin' up!
Keep ya weapon tucked, be ready to buck and knuckle up, whenever you steppin' up!
Takin' it as your guns are just, the fact that leavin it less is crap,
Never leave less than that it's just a fact that nigga the best is back! - Bitch! [beat stops]

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