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Bun-B Lyrics

The Inauguration Lyrics
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Southern States of America, We Are Gathered Here Today To Bring You The
Beginning Of A New Era. And Now The Speaker Of The South, Jay Prince.

[Jay Prince]
Ahh yeaaah.
Rap-a-lot back in the house, once again.
With the trillest of the trill, Bun B, the new President of the South.
Yo Bun, it's yo time, and we dedicate this one to all our brothers and sisters, who suffer at the hands
of the innocent.

[Bun B]
It's been a long time comin' but it finally came, for Bun B to get his mutha f*ckin' shot at the game. I
put mo' work in than the average trill nigga can put, and I'm a gangsta from my head to my foot, blacker
than soot. I got the Hood behind me, the Streets co-signed me, head ? in the ghetto, mayn you know where
to find me. The mission is laid out, and the vision is clear, from this moment I run the South, and
everything down here. That go from corners to cuts, trap spots to blocks, whether it's rappin' or work, I
got the shit on lock. I aint all with that back talkin', sneak this in a plexion, I'ma tell ya how I feel
'cause I'm a God Damn Texan. 'Bout time for me to start eliminatin' the frauds, 'cause it's a White House
of cards, and it's filled with broads. We gone run them hoes out and bring them Trill niggas in, cause
what happened in New Orleans should never happen again. They be sittin' on they ass doin' much about
nothing, for too God Damn long, and I'm tired of the frontin'. I'ma instegate a change from the mutha
f*ckin' top, 'cause this bullshit they pullin' on my people gotta stop. So I'm here to make a stand, and
take up the slack, Dirty South rest easy, I gotcha mutha f*ckin' back. It's a new king on the throne, and
his chrown is a hat, that says FREE PIMP C, now what's f*ckin' with that?
Hail to the chief..
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