Bun-B - Who Needs A "B" Lyrics

Bun-B Lyrics

Who Needs A "B" Lyrics
Biatch! (biatch, biatch)
Biatch! (biatch, biatch)
Bia-bia-bia-b-b-biatch! (biatch)
Bia-bia-bia-biatch! (biatch)
Bia-bia-bia-b-b-biatch! (biatch)
Bia-bia-bia-biatch! (biatch)

[Bun B]
Say, I'm all about this bread, all about this cheese
Pimpin be handlin up man, I breaks 'em off with the ease
F*ck it, I'm all about this paper, all about these thangs
And in case you can't recognize though, you f*ckin with a mack
Silly, I'm all about this chedder, all about the dirt
So don't be surprised if you see me straight gettin it off a hoe
Stupid, I'm all about these ducats, all about this scrilla
I got no reservation, 'bout breakin bitches fo' real
Get it, cause Bun Beada bring the heat to the fire
You think pimpin ain't pimpin, you's a motherf*ckin liar
Sorry, messiah of the strollin, king of the corner
Junkster, I've been sellin cock since you was playin pop wanna
Little, I'm on a mission for seven figures to fo'
Straight out a bitch mouth, pussy and her asshole
Believe me, as it was told to me, that's how I'm tellin it
So if anybody buyin pussy I'm sellin it - who need a bitch!

[Chorus: Bun B]
If anybody need a bitch then I got one
Put her in the drop and you could let her ride shotgun
She could suck your duck, while you mash on the gas
Or you could take her to the crib and put some dick in her ass
Who need a (biatch) - if anybody need a bitch just holla
I got top notch pussy for ya for the white dollar
We poppin our collars and dustin these Gators off
Not to mention we brushin these haters off
Now tell me who need a (biatch)

Oooh, a nigga like me
I'll take you down to Daytona and let you work your body
I done put out APB's for the right freaks
Some bad bitches in here tonight we might need (where my hoes?)
And she really with hittin the tracks
So we don't never have a problem about bringin it back
Nope, she don't back-talk me when we up in the 'Llac
Cause she know it ain't nothin for me to give her a smack (what'chu need?)
I need a bitch that'll get up on a plane
Put it up in the pussy and come back on a train (when did she trip out?)
She don't want me to get after her mayne
Callin when she get somethin cause she know I ain't playin (it's official!)
I'm a pimp bitch, you know where the gun be
I'm ridin shotgun with $hort Dog and Bun B
This game doin time, but it be back
They got pussy on the market, where the G's at?


[Too $hort]
Biatch! On your mind
You can't hold back, now's the time
Jump in the car and go pick her up
Take her somewhere, so you could f*ck
If you wanted to, you could knock her
All you gotta do, is take her shoppin
A lil' extra cash, for her pocket
Next thing you know, you'll be f*ckin
(Biatch!) I like to do the opposite
I charge these hoes when they want some dick
I spit the game and they don't complain
Too $hort baby, that's my name
Real players need ladies, to have some fun
If I had seven, and you had none
I'd give you one, but you gots to pay
Trick motherf*cker, what'chu say?
You need a biatch!


[Outro: Too $hort]
Y'all niggaz ain't got no hoes
What'chu know about that nigga?
$hort Dog f*ckin with my boy Bun B
My old school, pimpin playa partner
Texas boys ride, biatch!
Oh no, me I don't need no bitches
I got too many hoes right now
I'm tryin to get rid of some of these bitches mayne
You need a bitch?
Take this bitch right here playa, take her
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