Beach Boys - From There To Back Again Lyrics

Beach Boys Lyrics

From There To Back Again Lyrics
Why don't you run away and spend some time with me
On this summer's day, there's nowhere else I'd rather be
Why don't we feel the way we used to anymore
There's a place along the way, that maybe we could stay
And listen to the waves at my front door

You've been thinking 'bout some things we used to do
Thinking 'bout when life was still in front of you
Back where you belong, our favorite song
Won't you listen

Don't you understand the words
Are singing in the wind
I wish that we could get from there to back again

The clouds are breaking, it's a beautiful day
For a wonderful, Pacific coast getaway
The sun is shining, could we just find a way
I you just call, just fall, just fall
To the ground

Through our compromise, paradise
Is just another place up on the wall
Through the common sense of it all
We had a lot to live, we gave it all
Through the consequence of the wine
Another place in time

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