Beach Boys - It's A Beautiful Day Lyrics

Beach Boys Lyrics

It's A Beautiful Day Lyrics
Livin' down in L.A.
Such A Beautiful day

Whoa whoa
Whoa whoa

The skies are clear
It's a beautiful day in l.a.

People in motion
Our wheels movin all kind a ways

Indoors, outdoors, in the sun
There are people everywhere havin' fun, fun, fun

And when the moon and stars come out at night
We'll know what to do when we turn out the lights (turn out the lights, out the lights)

The freeways there are jammed with all kind of folks on their bikes
With fastball surfers, their all doin' their lefts and their rights

Roller skating, joggin', or a fancy bike
You can get around most anyway you really like

And when the sun is down and the stars are bright
I can hardly wait to get to hold you tight (hold you tight, hold you tight)

Living down in L.A.
Such a Beautiful Day

Whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa

Riding the fastlanes, and ballet in leisurely flight
People in motion the streets there a beautiful sight

In goodtimes, sunshine, you'll feel alright
We'll maybe even do an afternoon delight

You're sure to get as high as the clouds above
Participatin' in this little dance of love (dance of love, dance of love)

Living down in L.A.
Such a Beautiful Day

The freeways are jammed now
The cars have disappeared from the scene

Cause' gone to work or to play
They use a whole 'nother kind of machine

Living down in L.A.
Such a beautiful day

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