Dear Chicago Summer Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

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Dear Chicago Summer Lyrics
Dear summer what you been on with my friends?
You were snake when all types ?? the glance,
And every ripped in they get a little worse
They can and everybody's homies they could ??
But the friends is on the bullets and the six chambers
but in our faces is the faces of the newspapers
He provides the summer nights, they provide the soundtrack
We provide the pockets and then ?? bounce back
And you gotta answer soon, as the critics call
Tired of posting rest in peace on my niggas walls
So many cops with the aims on her
Too many spray panty and T-shirts wth lil nigga's name on it
And I'm sure that a little came from nigga
But most cigar niggas, ain't afraid to our banger
And maybe I need a geography class is something
But when the Chicago become a product means ??
And when the windy city will blow you all away
And when the throwing hands become they always move the flame
Around in time and killing cops became a row to follow,
And a bullet on your play became to ?? Chicago
??? my niggas is seizin'
'cause everybody see em and we all in chieffin
And we all got blood, but we don't really need em
And ?? got the gloves if you beatin'
Put your weapons down, drop em if you keep em
Throw them hands and I know you man in the deep in
Throw a body every weekend and every single weekend
Summer's almost over, but you're doing kind of decent

And this one here is for the ..
And now my homies born memories that the caskets made of glass
Till we walk on streets and nigga made of old deep
Shout out to north thaggin and old street
Until we park and until we park
And I'm so ??
Chicago pays the picture that is more than art.
We all feel the father have to show up,
So summer is never acting
Chicago summer

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