Hey Ma Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

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Hey Ma Lyrics
Hey Ma, hey Ma, hey Ma
Hey Ma, hey Ma, hey Ma

[Verse 1:]
I said 'Hey Ma', don't go stretching your wallet
These niggas gotta pay me for taking a year from college
Go on get ya nails polished, stylist for your eyelids
And a pilot for your mileage for them frequent flights to your island
Ms. Brown and Ms. Polleck, little boy done grown up
Little voice done blown up, middle-class that bonus
Hey Ma, Hey Mama Jan; God just gave me another chance
Rod just gave me another line, probably gave me another fan
7-7-3, Oh, since Kanye was a three-old
Down the street from D. Rose, was practicing his free-throws
Shout out to that Gulf Shrimp, shout out to King Gyro
Shout out that Ms. Moody, auntie Toni them my heroes

[Hook: x2]
We gon' get this paper, put that on my mama
You gon' see us later, put that on my mama
Monica and Ava, thanks for all the favors
Got my money saved up, put that on my mama

[Verse 2:]
Hey Ma, hey Ma I know I never did behave a lot
Never got good grades a lot
And turned your hairs to grays a lot
And go in stores and take a lot
And never shopped but saved a lot
So you ain't gotta shop at Save A Lot
And you ain't gotta worry about Chase a lot
They playing with your checks, your shit
Cause they gonna take your pay or not
Que Sera gotta then, f*ck them niggas you smarter than
We just gonna beg your pardon them
Save Money, my partner and them
I'm part of them, It's part of me
This Save Mula, Bo Squarter III
I'm riding around my side of town
Hot boxing no cops around
I had the tux I had the gown
Just had a show, just had to bounce
It's Chance ho, #10Day
Chano no hable englais
That language be that chanish but ooh! Muy caliente
So she just gonna throw her steps on
And haters gonna throw that epsom
And we just gonna throw a party
And I'm gonna just throw my teflon
Cause family be that plug though
And I ain't even flexin
But twin bro be that Victor
And Big Cause be that Chef Sean

[Bridge: x2]
I said don't stop, in what you be
In what you do, don't stop


Ayo I wanna thank, MC Tree mama
I wanna thank Fox mama, I wanna thank Robbie mama
Lili mama, Peter mama
MY mama, my dad mama
Your mama, I wanna thank moms
I wanna thank, L-Boog mama, I wanna thank Tom Fool mama
I wanna thank, Talent mama, Marcus mama
I wanna thank, Thelonious mama, Vic mama, Reese mama
I just wanna, I wanna thank anybody whose been a mother to a motherless child
I love you mommy
I hope y'all had a good time

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