Home Again Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

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Home Again Lyrics
Yo, what's good for him?
It's your mentality on that we're good again
And we're flipping out like the end of my'
Trying to beat that good, so I don't interfere
Get in the end, living and win
Reminiscent, we couldn't give a f*ck about tomorrow's begin
So we're ' till they think that we're residents
Posted on walls like Facebook messages
No more, more, bet it rides to the shine
Pull up the covers, hope he blinds rise and shine
We're getting in the end, it's like Mike and his rhyme
.. battle against Mike and his prime
One on one against Mike and his rhyme
See, what I'm implying is that I'm simply on my grind
And I'mma keep on shining till the sun gonna shine!
Oops, I guess she thought that the sun don't shine
So, what up Reese, what up, John, what up, Zoe?
What up Perry, what up Race, what up, Zoe?
'I really want else I call homie
And anyone is not, you can blow me!

So, yeah, and we're home again!
You could see that we're home again!
Best believe that we're home again
It's your mentality, yeah, we're home again!

Yo, looking back on my life
Good to have a nigga stoned lot like what's white
Those ' the niggas messed in the limelight
They're being shot like Ben Franklins flying K
I'm from a city where they steal from others
Where K made them A, Buddha killed my brothers
I love it in DC, the opportunity, chances
But chances, odds ain't got shit on Kansas.
Ain't from Brooklyn, and he's still into Vegas
My homie is'to use the' up Vegas
When me and Chris used to play X-man for saga
The home of the haters and betrayers that will snake you
I never touched the skies, I never touched the stars
Never been to NASA, I f*cking hate Mars
I'm as human as they come, I'm not..
But I put Sean on the map like John Baptist
So give a round of applauds, shoot a round to the stars
Gather around and give a pounce cause
He stayed with.. through the lonely sin
My name is Chancelor Bennett and I'm home again

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