I Ain't Word Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Lyrics

I Ain't Word Lyrics
[Hook: Detail (Chance)]
You can look me in my face
I ain't got no worries (I ain't word) [x3]
See them shroomies keep me up
So I ain't got no worries (I ain't word) [x3]
You see money right there
Yeah that's (me) right there
Yeah that's (me) right there
And we ain't got no worries
You see pussy right there
Redbone mangos right there
See them shroomies right there
We ain't got no worries

[Verse 1:]
D. Rose on that ass
That means back again
I hit my Zan so hard
Man, I've been practicing
I'm going straight to the league
And not by accident
Don't get your ass kicked in
I hoop in Shaq's and Timbs
Chit chat with Chris Mintz-Plasse
And laugh at Jags and rims
T-T-Y-L-ing the labels
And L-O-L-ing their friends
Hello Hell and Heaven
You haven't heard the half of it
Have at it half happy
30-something-year old
Broke graduate
Over the wave like Du-rags
Getting paper like dude rap
19 making that
I could be damn near f*cking Erykah Badu rap
Girbaud flow is too strapped
My screws loose, I'm too slapped
Just got this bitch too turnt
Just got my nose 2Pac'd
L.A Reid like whose that
Jimmy Iovine like whose that
Whole world like whose that
Whole hood like 'dude ass'
I'm from little shorties with the shot up shirt
Where babies get kilt like a Scottish skirt
95-ing down the Ryan
And I'm flying, skirt
Keep asking if I'm trying
Nigga, I ain't word


[Verse 2:]
Unreluctant optimist
Most poppingest
Got popular
Try topping this
BJs from baby bopping bitches
Throat lozenges
Massaging it
No touching it
Okay, touch on it
But don't rush on it
Ration it, passionate
While imagining me
Smashing it
Dash out at like 4: 30
Hands smelling like potpourri
They ain't gettin hung
My nigga, no jury
So I don't give no nigga no mercy
When my little f*cking brother rap better than you
My shit get's your girl way wetter than you
You rap veterans you
My nerdy brethren you
Stuff you in a f*ckin locker, 10 day letterman you
You wanna jock me, jockers (AAH)
My style's fathering you
I know it's bothering you
Probably an anomaly
But it's probably niggas that's probably starving for new
Shit you could sound like
That's that shit that I don't like
But I ain't really worried
I'm a wordy motherf*cker
I could hurry
But I'm buried in her pussy from the last tape