In The Pen Dance Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Lyrics

In The Pen Dance Lyrics
Scorpion tattoo covers his shoulder
Sting of the town, leaves you cold in the form in the morning with folders
I was raised to be a soldier
And it's because of the help from my dad, I used to hate him for the whelps on my back
All of your chores, sweep up the floors, under the couch and behind the doors
He taught me to stand on my own two
My teacher said if he's a fan on the old school
I said, 'No, he's the principal. He ain't scared of bullets, he's invincible'
And he taught me to look in the eyes of every grown man
Not as if you owe him but as if you own him
6 o'clock in the morning, yawning, 'cause real men don't sleep past dawn and we on it
Already doing push-ups in tank tops
Thanks pops for everything I have and what I ain't got
When I blow up like Adam's bombs I'mma spit it out
I'm dumb, 50 mil' just between dad and moms
This is just hard, how many gift cards did I give up just 'cause?
Not enough to match the plight of your own father's sin
I gotta catch a flight but you can tape it, right?
You can save money or you can save a life, you can blame mom or yeah, you can make it right
Everything that you taught me, I noted, the themes I quoted but the music, I wrote it
And all a man has in this world is his word and all I really want is a second to be heard
And I'm just searching for a witness but this is my independence
This is my independence, this is my independence
Welcome to independence, this is my independence
This is my independence

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