NvrSayNvr Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Lyrics

NvrSayNvr Lyrics
They ask me why this album so dark
Gloomy and full of crushed heart
I tell you, 'cause my last album was my life's failure
I'd sip gin and tell you holding my genitalia
History is on low, I ain't memorabilia
Joey said I sounded like Weezy
So he said it was getting hard to see me
When I'm voicing the word of something that's beneath me
Me moving to DC did not deceive me
So I should've kept breathing till my lungs quit breathing
And then once more as I piece of blasphemy
'Cause my raps feed me
J, am I good enough now? I put my best foot in the center of a crowd
'Cause that's forward for me, I vow
I pray for the haters that's hateful and grateful every time I get pesos
'Cause I can never be Pac, I can never be Big
I can never be J, I can never be Jigg, I can never be Vic, never be J Rivers
I can only beat y'all when I never say never
And I can never say

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