September 7th Lyrics by Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Lyrics

September 7th Lyrics
Damn, it's the 7th already, only 6 in the morning, getting up already
The sun ain't even up, my eyelids still heavy
The breath smells of vodka and'
Hair is so nappy and clothes is so freshly'
Back to Bronx in after school locking'
Chopping with moms, she knows that I will save money
Tryna convince her that this time I really saved money
Buying both our clothes with stained money
Tryna explain that it's all just the same money
But she knows it's really game money
I said, 'Momma, what the difference if I make money?'
She said, 'If you take for me, you'll take from me'
And as long as I'll pay for it, she will pray for me

Back to school

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