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Pullin' Me Back Lyrics
Every time I try to leave
Something keeps pulling me back, me back
Telling me I need you in my life
Every time I try to go
Something keeps telling me that, me that
Everything's gonna be alright
Every time I try to leave
Something keeps pulling me back, me back
Telling me I need you in my life
It was meant to be
You were meant for me
So that means we gotta make it work

[Verse 1]
It was all good at first,
Spending money, going shopping
Eating at the finest restaurants
And then from club hopping
She was right thurr with me bottle popping living that life
She just didn't understand my lifestyle and that I ain't like
We didn't have a worry in the world, got you diamonds got you pearls
But I can't help it if Ching-A-Ling been attracting all the girls
Baby I'm a superstar and that come with it
You got a good nigga on the side, you better run with it,
Even though I'm on the road doing shows,
I make time for me and her, relationship to grow
They tell me don't trust a woman in this industry
But she not any woman, more like a sacred friend to me
Plus, when I'm outta town, always think of her
Might conversate with some chicks, but no one come above her,
(Uh) I thought I was your man
Guess you ain't understand,
N now I'm sitting here, looking crazy like


[Verse 2]
Walk in the house from hard work, my head hurts,
Instead of arguing, can I have dinner with some dessert (uh uh)?
She's talking 'bout this phone number she found,
Hey, give me time to put my bags down,
She's straight up, clowned
Before we end up fighting, let me leave,
I'm exhausted and this hurr, I don't need
Now I'm with the fellas riding and drinking
She's blowing my two way up but I need some time for thinking
(Yeah) I wanna go back, but something saying naaaw
Give her some space and the next day I might call
What should I do?
Look, let me ask you all
Should I stand tall, or let this relationship fall?
I ain't down on with having my feelings crushed
But it happens sometimes
Either love it or give it up
I thought I was your man
Guess you ain't understand
And now I'm sittin' here looking crazy like


[JD:] Chingy holla at them again !!

[Verse 3]
To all the fellas know you feel me, if you ever had a woman,
Good times led to bad times and you ain't see it coming,
Tried your best to make her happy,
But it wasn't enough,
'Cause mama told me in relationship the road gets rough
And I ain't the one to have my head down
Weak and stressed out
As bad as it hurts I gotta move to the next route
(Uh) I thought I was her man
Guess she ain't understand
N now she's sittin' hurr looking crazy like

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