Chris Brown - A Milli Freestyle Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

A Milli Freestyle Lyrics
So I'm just supposed to say some corny ish?
Nah. Uh,

Uh yezzir.
It be that, it be that
It be that breezy millionaire
A milli here and a milli in there
Selling out stadiums million chairs
Stepping on and off stage killing em
I got a millionaire pair
Of them all white a million Airs
I'm a beast every competition come please
Lock em up Lock em up
Just put em on freeze
Long ice I'm doing things that rappers don't like
And I am making (a milli [x3]) I am making (a millie [x3])

Getting money jus throw it up and watch it
And when it come down it's like magnets in my pocket
DAMN I got it
Purple and green diamonds they swang from my chest
Bigger and bigger man I think the Hawks on my neck
I'm brilliant, Jay-Z, Weezy, Breezy
So what's a million YEAH

Singing ni**as just chill
Cause I'm I'll.

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