Chris Brown - I Love Myself Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

I Love Myself Lyrics
I love myself
Ohh... yeah
I can't take this B*tch
Kiss me Chris

[Chris Brown:]
Take to myself(Yeah)
Learning (What to do)
Kelis is here to sing the
Song that is playing (Playing)
I Love Myself

What the hell is wrong
(What the hell)
With you
What the h-
What the h-
What the hell is
Wrong with you
And your sister
So stop Bitch

[Chris Brown:]
What is your problem
I know I Love Myself
Just take to the myspace Kelis

I Love Myself Too
And you can't turn it
(Around, Around)
To A-F you get bad grades

[Chris Brown and Kelis:]
I Love Myself so back
Off bitch!

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