Chris Brown - Main Chick Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

Main Chick Lyrics
[Hook: Chris Brown]
I don't know your name
But you've heard my name
I know why you came
Tryna get that, name
But you've heard my name
Girl I know you wanna be my main chick, my main chick
I said f*ck whoever you came with, who you came with
I told her "f*ck that nigga"

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Sitting in the back of the club
Table got a rope in the front (I don't know ya)
Uhn, you looking real familiar
I could just be a lil drunk
I don't know your name
It's a goddamn shame
I don't know how to explain it for ya
But girl, I'm just saying,
If you got a man back home, I don't know him
What, just keep it on the hush
Pocket full of trees, don't beat around the bush
Walk on green, I can even hear the putt
K.O shawty when I hit her with a punchline
Get a couple shots when it's crunch time
Ducking from my ex like the one time
Throw a sign when you really tryna go
Got the car parked right at the door


[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
Nah, and you don't know my name
Just in case you' the Feds (I don't know ya)
Uh, I mighta poured you a drink
But don't let it go to your head
I know why you came
Tryna be my main chick
Passenger side when I lane switch
Top back, two seats only
Ain't no room for your friends, I don't know them
We just seizing the moment
Up all night, throw a deuce to the morning
Fly ma'f*cka, everything is imported
Don't try to act too important
I know your game
You got a gang of niggas all over you
But you all over here, on me
Girl, I ain't tryna dog ya
Bad bitch only thing I'll call you


[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
Nigga, why you playin'? You heard my name
I know why you came
She gon' gimme that brain so we can do our thang
Let's do that thang
What, you thinkin' 'bout me takin' you down here?
I can be your man when he's not around here


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