Chris Brown - Ransom Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

Ransom Lyrics
[Chris Brown:]
I go by the name of Young Chris Breezy
It's hard to see me cause I'm fly as a plane and my swaggers in 3D
I do this in my sleep in otherwords it's really easy
New album coming soon and I'm calling it graffiti
They yellin' calm down Chris please take it easy
I am taking it easy but they do not believe me
Is it cause I'm getting this cash money like weezy
Riding in my Rambo listenin' to Jeezy
I got a Spanish chicka all she wanna do is please me and shorty got her face right above where my knees be
Super freaky and I call her flavor of love cause she willin to do anything just to be on the tv
Hot as ever and that's something ya'll should know told you that I wasn't playin so in I go
Have you ever seen me on Rock City's live show
All I gotta say is PTFAO but enough about them now it's back to me
I'm on my grind everyday cause I gots to be
I'm on another level hommie and it's sad to see
That I'm killin it and I ain't even a rapper b
VA where it all goes down
The home of Clipse, Missy, Trey Songz, and your boy Chris Brown
I gotta represent hommie for my hometown
If you ain't know before nigga now you know now
While I'm at it let me wave a virgin islands flag
Cause if I don't rock citys gon get mad
I'm so fly that even when I'm not on a airplane hommie I be still getting jetlag

That's just a little verse man I'm just havin fun but I brought my hommies all the way from the virgin islands WHAT DEM SAY we goin in let's go

[Rock City:]
Fresh of the leash
Fresh off the streets
St Thomas so I guess you can say I'm fresh off the beach
If it's 5 best rappers baby let's all compete and if you ain't spittin crack step the hell off the beat
Whatevers your favorite song most likely we wrote it
If you hate me you love me to and you ain't even know it
My brother in the back yellin please don't do it
Chris brown killed it so I'm a bout to blow it
I'm a serial killer
Microphoned gorilla 2010 thrilla can't nobody do it illa
I got a new name that you can call me instead of don't talk just refer to me as one hell of a nigga
Who you know do it bigger than me and chris brizzle
The flow so cold like the mic is a popscicle
When I'm done you gon have to put the mic in the hospital
And I ain't even killed it okay maybe a little

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