Chubb Rock - A Message to the B.A.N. Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

A Message to the B.A.N. Lyrics
1991 Grilled Cgeese goes on it's way to different cities
Rocking for the kiddies
To do shows for rows, no foes, dough in escrow
All the money went to goddamned Joe
For cleaning the bus, we cussed, caps were bust
On us, Joe should have adjust to the goddamn musk
We were the Christmas and Joe Damn was merry
And kids had nothing but jokes just like Perry
Every night at the show was a good night
Hot Dog and Ev in the morning had a food fight
Chicken all over, rice, ham, beverage, pastrami
Yo it was comedy -- The B.A.N.

Back on the bust take the musk to the next city
And snoring by Frank Nitty
I'ma tell you I was about to be outtie
Lucky for me that homeboy Kirk Gowdy
Brought his tapes so flexed cause we were vexed
And seeked salvation in Derek X
So thank you thank you and alladat
Played the hell out of the Nubians -- the shit was fat
So now we're in Lafayette, Louisiana
Bought a three eighty from some little Dan Tana
Ripped the show got the dough and gained some fans
The grill dusty message to the B.A.N.

On the whole tour Rob was a fiend
He had the ugliest girl I've ever seen
He was with her the whole time after the show
He turned the light on -- me and Jojo said YOOOOOO!
What is that?
Rob you're bugging G damn her grill is wack
Your grill ain't alladat but you can do better
My man even had phone calls and sent her letters
In at the Denny's on the corner no one seen us
On Pokey's burger -- everything on it -- even penis
But Kirk Pone went and told the man
1991 Grilled Cheese Tour -- a message to the B.A.N.

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