Chubb Rock - Beef Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

Beef Lyrics
And the C-h-u-double b


Here we go
[Chubb Rock]
I arrive from the steps of Sinai cause I'm fly
When you're high from the lye
You see me mingle in the sky
The dim light superceeds the street cock fight
Straight heterosex, but I still dig Van, ya dyke
From the mic flip, metronome time skip, who will high-ship
The Brooklyn base scholar and them niggas past Islip
And ooh-ooh, I curse you with that Fugee-la voodoo
Will do you like Italian deli kids slicing prosciutto
I barb you like Bobbito, the airport, right through Heathrow
Release murder niggas like Ito
Pure hatred, cause he picked who he picked to mate with
Then laced it, bourgeois player two-faced it
Hey revamp the swing to parlay
How black power went sour, where's Brother Jay?
Where's the 'pink Cadillacs protected by' whoever?
The red and the black, green, Hilfiger nigga
Indians wanna protect the Lone Howling Chief
So kids create beef

Back in the days when we had nothin but beef
At the end you may lose nothin but teeth
That's fly
But nowadays ask kids
When they have beef, you might die

While niggas beef about this and biggedy-beef about that
I'm with my soldiers in the Rover, never sober, f*ck that
Yo dun, I run with wild Crooklyn niggas with gats
Pigged-push wigs back on corner spots full of criggedy-crack
My niggas click back, kid, that's why we hold somethin
And break your punk ass down just like you stole somethin
When I rock with Chubb you block show me love
Nigga what, want beef, we drawin first blood

[Krazy Drazy]
Well, it's the riggedy-rhyme dropper, the hip-hopper, you know the name
I ciggedy-can't explain (why niggas beefin in the game)
You see, I niggedy-never get shocked when a nigga get wet
Tiggedy-talk that shit, I guess you're bound to get hit
The rap zone's now a war zone, we fight on sight
We wiggedy-wildin out, provin all these white folks right
We like some crabs in a barrel tryin to get on top
The Hit Squad, Chubb Rock represent hip-hop
So kill the beef


Well, when I first dropped the bait back in 1988
I couldn't wait to get straight and dominate state to state
Went to feud, bullshit evil, exterminatin flows
Check your grip, don't slip or get a dose on how it goes
Jealous niggas, gun triggers, f*ckin up the game
But me you can't tame, an outlaw like Jesse James
We got east versus west, bullet-proof tef' vest
Who's the best? But let it rest, because there's no contest
Temptation, accusations need to stop
Unify hip-hop, PMD, Chubb Rock

[Chubb Rock]
Now - I will come back to the groove
Now my man Common on wax slayin Ice Cube - anyway, that's cool
That nigga somewhere 'higher learnin'
And of course there's that famous beef between Parrish and Sermon
And that's cool, both those niggas killed Jane
And now there's Nice without Smooth - that's insane
And I heard they squashed that, and that shit should cease
Cause black mutha-uckas shouldn't beef

Back in the daa-ays
Back in this day there's beef
Back in the day there was beef
That shit got to cease

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