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Bring 'Em Home Safely Lyrics
"We left the people of Israel with, one thought..
that they are not alone -- The people of New York,
people of the United States of America
indeed decent freedom loving people
everywhere stand at their side in this hour of need."

[Verse One - Red Hot Lover Tone]
Cries of wait please wait wiggity wait but Kuwait won't wait
Desert Shield a field full of confused hate
Soldiers fight because they're loyal, while tempers boil
On U.S. soil, they're screamin no blood for oil
Groups of recruits get fitted for troop boots
while business suits shoot hoops eatin Fruit Loops
Yo I don't understand the government plan
Goin on holy land, killin a family man, and
tearing loved ones asunder
when things were really sunny, strictly for the money
The money.. yo money
You might reinstate the draft and I'm gettin bummy
So I clear my head by goin testin testin one two testin
and countin my blessings
And pray for the brotherman with an M-60 in his hand,
eatin spam
So one more time, testin one two, and ya don't stop
That's why we got this war Hobbes
Yo I only got one thing to say chief
Let's bring 'em home safely

"The State Department's ?? wants to mediate
The Iranian president wants to meet with Iraq
and then maybe the U.S.
A Middle East expert here in New York has an explanation"

[Verse Two - Rockin Robin]
Deep in the Middle East, in the belly of the beast
We got men and women losin blood for black grease
Oil - how could such a thing spoil
a whole nation and turn it up into a turmoil
Stealths wipin out every man's health
Bombers got sisters brothers daddies and lonely mommas
cryin, "Oh my son, oh Lord help my daughter
Calm the ragin seas, please fill the waters"
Readin letters under candle, delivered by camel
Layin in a dug-out channel's kinda hard to handle
So I say a little prayer to my maker in this blood filled place
Please bring 'em home safe

"Baghdad radio is calling for terrorist actions
against the nations fighting Iraq in the Persian Gulf.
And the allies are concerned that cryptic messages
broadcast this morning could be a signal to terrorists."

[Verse Three - MC Serch]
President Bush will bring us out of this recession
We'll all have jobs when American numbers are lessened
Blessings are said, so no one will get hurt
Yo - I need a Shield, but it's not for the Desert
It's a shield for the ills that builds
with this rampant nationalization; we're not dealin in humanism
P.O.W.'s, M.I.A.'s unknown soldiers in unknown graves
Let's bring 'em home safe

"The F.B.I. continues to look for those responsible
for placing six pipe bombs on, chemical tanks
in the Norfolk, Virginia - or near the Norfolk, Virginia naval base
The bombs were safely.."

[Verse Four - Chubb Rock]
Well hostility jumps on the scene in ninety-one
No fun, large sons shooting machine guns
Population adjustment will be adjusted by an intellgent villain
Guerilla warfare killing
Amplifies, fear tears blood embedded in mud
Daddy falls to the accuracy intricate of a SCUD
Black gold soul, patriots told nothing but lies
Atmosphere develop permanent red eyes
Destruction a product to develop and enhance
presidential fees, blood from overseas
spilled, uphill, peace of mind
I'm, waiting for, waiting for the time
Inner soul craves, for guidance
for safety for the brave, P.O.W. slaves
will be used as shields to pierce and drill
to drip tears, when a declared won't mingle
with the Man Upstairs, funerals for fear
Confusion, nervous hands from a scared wife knittin
Siblings infants weepin, continous tear drippin
Impaled men please God let them cease
Come home, Red Hot Lover Tone, Rockin Robin
MC Serch, and for the last the verse
let us rehearse, excluse men in the hearse
Everybody what's the verse? Peace

"If one of the bombs had gone off, the resulting
damage and loss of life would have been tremendous.
F.B.I. agents on the scene had NO idea
who placed them there."

[Verse Five - Lucas]
None of the bags coming back are filled with gallons of clout
to spill out, to shake-up, break up, now blow up
has entered the minds in Washington D.C., tell me
Is this the land of the free, and in France see
[rappin in French]
Danish [rappin in Danish]
German [rappin in German]
Guess that we're all comin back in one peace

"Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.
Not the types you'd expect to meet on Route 80 near Hackensack.
Well there they're gathered, because.."

[Verse Six - Pete Nice]
The web's analyzed of the ties to the dark side
A nation vexed, is it a Vietnam flipside
On the streets, protests came a little late
Six months on your seat before war date
A Watergate for information ain't passed on
Is that the actual fact, or was you gassed on
the noose loose for the troops in combat boots
Bring 'em home and preserve those family roots, peace!

"And the U.S.S. Missouri and her sixteen-inch guns
opened fire on Iraqi positions near the Kuwaiti border.
It is the first time those big guns were used in combat
since the Korean War. Meantime U.S. and allied planes
continue to bomb Iraqi military sites in Kuwait, and outside Baghdad."

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