Chubb Rock - Enjoy Ya Self Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

Enjoy Ya Self Lyrics
[Chubb Rock]
Enjoy ya self cause life is too short
Everybody dismantle your shotty
Your nine millimeter needs to take a long breather
for the white black jewish koreans need to
grab a neighborhood skirt, go to a concert
Scream for Chubb while I rip up the club
The rhythm of the vibe was alive and you felt it
Your girl is provacative, you take her home and pelt it
And after the pelt, she feels like a cheddar melt
Just play it cool, and just..

[Chorus: sung]

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself, and just enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself, and just enjoy yourself

[Chubb Rock]
Chubb is not a party animal
but when it comes to a jam, I have the plan like Hannibal
Smith - I don't take a draw from no spliff
The scene of the beam doesn't redeem and if
I wanna get high, I just fly
Walk up to a cutie, and say, "Hi..
when I wake up tomorrow, are you gonna be next to me?"
She's confused, but she sweats me
I wear my galoshes so I can protect myself
Carry yours G, if you just wanna..


[Chubb Rock]
People used to say that I was a fuddy-duddy
Only used to care about how to make money
Up from the Hamptons to Flushing Meadows
Decorated by an Art Deco
My nickname was "The One"
now "The One" was the only one who didn't have fun
But no more, goin buckwild on the tour
Keepin people in stitches on the floor
Clark Kent and Tracie thought I was spacy
The funniest in the nation laughed for the duration
Don't play yourself cause yourself needs a good self
And just, (enjoy your..)


enjoy yourself
.. and just enjoy yourself
enjoy yourself
.. and just enjoy yourself

[Chorus 1/2 to fade]

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