Chubb Rock - Enter the Dragon Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

Enter the Dragon Lyrics
Enter the sensei, praise while I pose in the stance
Dance or some bust ass advance so to enhance
your appreciation for one creation
That God didn't make a mistake to make
Flake if you wanna, gonna, hauna, trama, go tell ya mama
And your honor my actions don't believe the drama
During the chorus found Chuck Norris and so then yo Chucky
You had juice you fought Bruce and now you wanna duck me
And hug me damn Vanilla Chutney
You wanna shut me down like Chuck D
And I will kill, act ill, thrill with skill, Bill
And then I ass whip and I then skip
to the loo n wax you and your crew and
Give a liter to some damn pupil booin
Like Uhh yo, you, sensei rock
Act like you know a judo a chop chop chop

You know I walk down the streets of the Soho in Tokyo
On my arm no Yoko Ono so yo
I don't know the vibes or the lives at the rice with chives
After the rice with chives is giving me hives
I don't know what to say about the place
I mean everybody here has a smile on their face
So I'm rolling with the scenery and glad I came
If I see some o ill shit like black rain I'm O-U-T
Three strikes and take some Sony kid off his bike
And be ghost and step hard like a dyke
Yeeeeesssss Bruce Lee was the best
But the kid also drank more wine than they did on Falcon Crust
But no juice or blunt or stunt or brew
Or tres or hate or friends or crews
Will never stop Chubbs and draw four Uno
Act like you know a judo a chop chop chop

Why did you leave the palace when I told you not to
And now I have to put on the Gee and chop you
Into pieces not Reese's I hope no one yo see this
Cause your whipping will be the topic of my thesis
John Saxon please bow to the captain
Before you're waxing ignore all the clapping
That you're hearing, cause you half stepped on preparing
Your style, so be gone with the smile, I'll
Listen to your lest request, the S off your chest went West
And know yo test the last cess
That you're gonna get ya mess
Puff the blunt then begin to fret
You use the crane and I think I will start with the tiger
To extract all the blood and saliva
And puncture your structure with the art of the Sumo
Bow and act like you know, a judo, a chop chop chop

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