Chubb Rock - I Gotta Get Mine Yo Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

I Gotta Get Mine Yo Lyrics
Because I really don't know if I really deserve this
I tried real hard this year took many risks
And so I feel I'm the lucky one so money son
Hasn't diluted the fun
Cause breaking it down until it's broke is no joke
I'ma continute to fracture the groove until I croak
Lyrics flow from the soul, the heart plays a part
Delivered like a dart
Stick to the wax, engraev in the lines
Music awards given to the rhymes
The Chubbster returns for the year ninety-two
Never doubt the clout, the stout
figure of the person, your brains cells start bursting
When you're alone I know you start cursing
What is that makes him unusual
The rhyme
But yo, I gotta get mine yo
I gotta get mine yo
I propel lyrics like this
And then I attempt to get you to pump your fist
In the air yeah prepare to glare at the big chair
And the album isn't near a million
But several million cildren start clapping
Look at me like Patton
Am I in charge of entertainment
You can hear it pin the tail on the lyric
And then the fan base over there cheers it
Real loud, piercing the ear, can you bear it
But I'll go up and drop a rhyme yo, one time
Say ho bro and yo
I gotta get mine
Well it seems I ripped the show by the seams
Just like the several scenes in my dream
Came on top made a knot so the Rock
Just got three number one Billboard spots
So what should I do next for denerata
Chubb goes in the theater
Well it might but rapping on the mic comes first
And on TV they don't let you rap your verse
So come this summer if you see me on a tour
It won't be the same crew that you've seen before
But the crew in a different form will be back
Kicking buck wild sytle all smiles
I'll come again with a positive conscious rhyme
Cause bro yo, I gotta get mine yo

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