Chubb Rock - Just the Two of Us Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

Just the Two of Us Lyrics
Chubb Rock comin back hard for nineteen nine-TY!
Word up, word up
Kick this out to my man Rob Swinga, Hot Dog Dinky
Manager (?) Ev Lover y'knahmsayin? Dr. No, here we go..

[Verse One]
It's the Hitman, yes the Hitman, yo ya know it
The thirst quencher, the man on the sequencer
He was scared to kick a sixteen bar, he's not a rap star
Not saying that I am, but I'm the jam
I'm going to kick a little not a Dr. Suess riddle
No cats in hats, fox in some socks
But to the DJ jocks check your clocks
Half past what? Time to bust nut
Not a pistachio; he uses a Casio keyboard
and a Tascam board
to kick in the P-50, get nifty
Born with the gift, time to get riffed
Not with the manufacturing of a spliff
He never rolled one; never sold none
The beats give me the high that brought fame to us
And, how we gonna kick it, How?
(Just the two of us!)

[Verse Two]
Chubb has been dope since he came out the shaft of his pops' wood
Yes I'm (good!)
Yo he shouted and he plopped into the uterus
And they knew this about me; was gonna be a dope MC
When I get on the mic my windpipe strikes and ignites
a lyric when you hear it you fear it and like
Chubb is not a man to get souped like Campbell
I'm the man with the plan and my jam sells
Like a whore, in the store, hardcore and more
On the tour makin money you never saw
I don't like dreaming, never ever beam and
Never involved with girls like like scheming
Or skiing or toboggan sledding, cause I'm shredding
any thoughts of a wedding, so Helen, Keller
listen to the rules and
Me and Hitman Howie Tee is all about coolin
She went buckwild, screamed, yelled, hollered
I told her I loved her and then she did a solid
Did it real good like a nice girl should
Back polish waxed up the hood
Yo Hitman Howie Tee you should have seen her on me
She got all Vanessa Del Rio on me
But after she slept cause I had nothin left
On the Martin Butler tip, yes half step
But yo cousin Howie Tee and me
Our love is all about making a dope LP
That will crush and sell and bum rush
Don't hush, how we gonna do it How?
(Just the two of us!)

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