Chubb Rock - Keep it Street Lyrics

Chubb Rock Lyrics

Keep it Street Lyrics
[Chubb Rock]
Yo, keep in the street let the groove stay rough
Rougher than rough, ignorance is enough
on the media tip, so that the read must grip
on reality, don't let 'em gas up your mentality
This style started from the essence
Not the magazine, Maybeline Cold Cream Afro-Sheen tip
Comin deep into the soul cause I mean it
Disciples of pop want to redeem it - nope
I don't know why, why is that
why must I, chase the cat?
Nothin but the dog, in me
Continue you just gonna, fall in the
midst of a hip-hop blitz with a trip
back to the batter to the Gladys of the Pi-dup
Watch me ri-dup, all
type of TV screens movie type scenes
Just like blues, hip-hop paid dues
Dues can be recouped if you act souped
Makin pop beats, so keep it street

[Chubb Rock]
Block party, nineteen-eighty-one
People havin fun, no one with a gun
No ducats, you pay nothin at the gate
You escape to the sounds of a Cold Crush tape
In your back pocket, rap is always clocked then
jump on the Realistic mic then rock it
No clock don't stop until mother nature says
No conflict between usual knuckleheads
That didn't affect the morale of the crowd
Just those kids pumped the set up loud
Nowadays, our appearance is a big part of it
Everybody wants a Mr. T starter kit
Hip-Hop has always been you have a beef
with another man step to him, and throw ya hands
Come back and dance to the rhythm
of a James Brown beat - and keep it street

"Children grow and women produce
and men go work and some go steal it!"
"Children.. children grow and..

[Chubb Rock]
In nineteen-ninety you will get another treat
that's harder than concrete, unique don't compete
Lyrical format uses your rep as a doormat
You shoulda come sooner if you wanted to kick a rumor
Never try to jest unless you like your flesh
all scarred, ripped and done hard
Cause kid you don't realize, that in my part of town
You'll get killed if you wanna act a clown
Grab your heart, play your part and pledge allegiance
School's in, so let's begin, your first readings
Open your book, here's a number two pencil
Feel the vibe of a Chubb instrumental
No pop tunes only rough street beats
You can sample butt-snagger Mick Jagger
I'll stay with my crates and make dope beats
and I'll keep it, definitely keep it street

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